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Tetelestai Bracelet



TETELESTAI 33AD Message Bracelets

What does TETELESTAI mean? 

Oh that means "It is Finished" 

Those were the last words spoken by Jesus on the cross, He said
       "It is Finished", all of our sins have been PAID IN FULL

Tetelestai 33AD “Message Bracelets” are a unique way to share the good news of the Gospel 
with many people you might not otherwise speak too.  The fun part is you never have to start a conversation.   Most people don't know the Greek word and you just have to wear your bracelet and wait for 
someone to ask you.. What does Tetelestai mean?  ..Then simply answer back... it means "It is Finished"

They will then ask, "What is finished?"  ...  That is the last words spoken by Jesus on the cross, He said "It is finshed"  all of our sins have been PAID IN FULL and can be found in the scriputer John 19:30.  33AD is inscribed on the back of the bracelet representing the approximate year that Jesus died on the cross for us.

>Many people love the Lord; however, few ever share the Gospel, mainly because they do not know how to start the conversation.  One of our better selling products amount teens and adults alike, the Tetelestai bracelets are great "conversation starters" for spreading the Truth of God's Word.

 what does tetelestai mean what did Jesus say on the cross

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